Little Life Stories

22. In The Shadow Of Thought. By Trifu Șoșdean. 

It is well known that the human brain (the body of the mind) has several levels of memorization for events.

They are classified according to value and priority, i.e. according to our personal interest. The first level is that of non-forgetting, of things we can’t possibly forget, then the level of memories that have priority etc…

Non-forgetting is the eternal present that happened long ago. Remembrance is the half-forgotten past, which can return after forgetting has been reversed.

True health is achieved through one’s mental behaviour if one avoids self-reproach, hatred, jealousy, pride, considered one of the great sins of behaviour, if one does not use remedies which in turn subdue us and poison our body and memory.

The above-mentioned things may seem strange to us, but we can expect a longer power of thought, memorization and imagination. We don’t need to worry ourselves over nothing and at a high cost.

I’m not saying this because someone said it to me, I’m saying this from my own life and from what I’ve learned from life.

Photo credit: Diana Bilec

English translation: Cristina Chira