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UPDATE: Due to the interest in the Moving Fireplaces 2023 Call for Projects, we have decided to extend the application deadline until April 5, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. The Guide for Applicants have been updated with the new information.

Prin Banat Association announces a call for projects and artistic interventions for Moving Fireplaces – a project part of the Cultural Programme Timișoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture, funded by the Municipality of Timisoara, through the Center for Projects.

The call is addressed to national and international artists and involves an application-selection phase and a production phase for the selected project proposals. The selected projects will be followed by artistic residencies, scheduled from April to August 2023. The results of the artistic residencies will be presented to the general public in September-October, during the Moving Fireplaces Festival 2023, in the city of Timișoara, other towns in the Timiș, Arad, Caraș-Severin counties, as well as in towns in the region of historical Banat, including Vojvodina (Serbia) or Csongrád-Csanád county (Hungary).


The theme of the call is Migration and includes any form of interpretation that relates to how this phenomenon of migration / relocation / deportation has influenced the individual and collective memory.

The call particularly addresses artists whose personal experiences and life stories are similar to the stories collected through the Moving Fireplaces project. They are encouraged to create new artistic expressions and cultural products, starting from the stories of migration in Banat and Europe discovered through the project and by adding their personal experiences and life stories into the artistic process. In this way, the artists will become, in turn, storytellers, active participants in the enrichment of the community’s memory, but also in the process of integration into a wider, regional, national and European collective memory.

Applicants are invited to submit project proposals in the following categories: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Digital Arts, Cultural Intervention and Education through Culture. Projects that combine several artistic fields are encouraged.

In developing the project proposals, the artists must use as support the archive generated by the Moving Fireplaces project, as a result of documentation and field research sessions carried out in 2022. All the stories and interviews that can be used as inspiration for the projects are divided into 3 main categories:

1. Stories 2022

2. Little Life Stories

3. Ukraine

Depending on the creativity and decision of each applicant, a project proposal may refer to one or more stories from the three aforementioned categories or only to fragments of them, as there is no restriction in this respect. Project proposals not complying with this requirement will be automatically rejected. Submissions that refer to other categories than the three aforementioned will also be automatically rejected from the competition.


Project proposals registration: 12 March – 31 March – 5 April 2023

Evaluation & selection: 1 – 6 6-18 April 2023

Selected projects announcement: 7 12 19 April 2023

Production, implementation, artistic residencies: 10 24 April – 30 August 2023

Public presentation: 1 September – 29 October 2023


10 prizes worth 5,500 lei will be awarded to the authors of 10 selected projects.

Each selected project will benefit of a production budget, based on an estimated cost list provided by the author, within the limit of available funds.

The total production budget amounts to 180,000 lei and is managed exclusively by the Prin Banat Association.

Prizes are awarded exclusively to individuals.

An author may enter the competition with one or more project proposals, but only one proposal will be selected. A separate application form must be completed for each submitted project. Applications must be sent to until 31 March 5 April 2023, 23:59. They must contain the following documents (in .pdf or .doc format):

a) Completed application form (available for download on this page);

b) Concept or description of the project proposal, to which the following documents are mandatory to be annexed, depending on the categories chosen:

– for Visual Arts category: a sketch of the proposal on the given topic at a resolution of at least 72 dpi in .jpg, .png or .pdf format must be attached;

– for Performing Arts category, the following should be attached, as appropriate and depending on the specificity of the proposed project: a fragment of the proposed script on the given topic, if applicable, in pdf format; an audio demo proposed on the given topic, in mp3 or wav format, etc.

– for Digital Art category:  a presentation / sketch / demo / presentation, etc., in a format appropriate to the proposal on the given topic;

– for Cultural Interventions and Education Through Culture categories: a presentation  / sketch, etc.  should be attached in a format appropriate to the proposal on the given topic.

c) CV / portfolio / biography with examples of works and projects of the artist / group of artists.

d) estimated production budget for the proposed project.

We advise you to read the Guide for Applicants carefully. A project proposal that does not comply with the conditions described in the Guide for Applicants will be automatically rejected from the competition.


Download: Registration form

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