Documentary film

When Borders Get Indistinct (2023)

24th of February.

1 year since the war outbreak in Ukraine.

4.5 million souls that have fled the war so far.

1 million souls who have crossed Romania’s borders.

100.000 who have stayed in Romania.

When Borders Get Indistinct tells two stories that are only seemingly distinct. One is that of the historical region of Banat and its inhabitants who, after 100 years, are struggling to preserve their identity. The other one is a page of the recent history of Ukraine, where the war that broke out on 24 February 2022 is still far from over and has forced millions of people to leave everything behind in order to save their lives.

  • directed and shot by: Mircea Sorin Albuțiu
  • edited and color graded by: Alexandra Băbău
  • sound designer: Matei Vasilache
  • subtitled by: Evgheniia Rozbytska, Mariia Shymanska
  • producer: Alexandra Palconi-Sitov
  • production assistants: Radu Piloca, Evgheniia Rozbytska, Cristian-Gabriel Sitov
  • field research: Christine Cizmaș, Petra Dobruska, Diana Bilec, Anca-Raluca Majaru, Cristina Andreea Chira, Nicoleta Mușat
  • fixers in Ukraine: Evgheniia Rozbytska, Serhii Sorokin, Yevhenii Shymanskyi
  • Produced by Prin Banat Association, in the framework of the the Moving Fireplaces project.
  • Music: Auăleu presents M I O R I Ț A
  • Trailer edit:

When Borders Get Indistinct premiered on 24th of february, 2023 at Cinema Victoria in Timișoara.

When Borders Get Indistinct is a part of the cultural project Moving Fireplaces, organized by Prin Banat Association and funded by the Municipality of Timisoara, through the Center for Projects. Activity co-funded by Timis County Council, through TIM Cultura 2022 programme. Production partners: Romanian Community of Serbia, Fundația Culturală Jazz Banat, Auăleu and Wide Productions.