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Prin Banat Association announces the results of the evaluation for the projects submitted within the Moving Fireplaces Festival 2023 call for projects. In total, there were 93 project proposals, 68 of which were declared eligible, meeting the criteria specified in the Guide for applicants. The results of the evaluation* are:  

Project no. 19: Timpul lupilor (Time of the wolves)

Author: Adrian Mocanu

Country of origin: Ukraine/Spain

Score obtained: 433

Project no. 53: Mantas

Author: Bogdan Ioan Sărătean

Country of origin: Romania

Score obtained: 430

Project no 26: The Migrations forged in time

Author: Ivana Svetlik

Country of origin: Serbia

Score obtained: 428

Project no. 36: Every experience is a journey

Author: Bogdan Lupescu

Country of origin: Romania

Score obtained: 423

Project no 55: Nature, Migration and Me

Author: Vasyl Kovalenko  

Country of origin: Ukraine/Romania

Score obtained: 416

Project no 47: Terestru (Terrestrial) 

Author: Andreea Săsăran

Country of origin: Romania

Score obtained: 406

Project no. 22: Blide noi (New Dishes)

Author: Noemi&Bebe

Country of origin: Romania

Score obtained: 404

Project no 21: My neighbourhood with my camera 

Author: Vladislav Petkovic, Miodrag Popovic

Country of origin: Serbia

Score obtained: 402

Project no 14: Symphony of Donbas 

Author: Elena Rubashevska

Country of origin: Poland

Score obtained: 401

Project no 67: Diary 

Author: Olha Yeriemieva

Country of origin: Ukraine 

Score obtained: 400

Congratulations to the authors of the 10 selected projects! Thanks to everyone who submitted project proposals!

The 10 selected projects will soon enter the production and artistic residence phase. The authors of the projects will be contacted by the organizers starting 24 April to decide on the next steps.

*Important: since, according to the estimated budgets, the 10 selected projects do not fully cover the budget allocated for production, the Moving Fireplaces project team will invite other projects from the list to be part of the program of the Moving Fireplaces Festival 2023, in the limit of remaining available funds. Their authors will be contacted between 25 April and 5 May, 2023.

Download: Jury report

Download: Annex – Final ranking of the submitted projects – Moving Fireplaces 2023 (Romanian only)

Organized by the Prin Banat Association, Moving Fireplaces is part of the national cultural programme “Timișoara – European Capital of Culture 2023” and is funded by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Centre for Projects.

Photo credit: Diana Bilec